The Promise of a Better Tomorrow



My ambition as a child give me more interest in Science and Math, Knowing that if I were to be successful as a pilot I needed to know Math and Science. I took keen interest in the two subjects and was always around classmates and instructors that were good in the subjects; we did group studies and were always asking questions and seeking answers from my teachers.  I was told by my teachers that the only way to know those two subjects is to read them every day, and make them part of your daily activities.   This advice helped to develop my skills in the sciences while in secondary school, and even at the baccalaureate and post graduate levels.

My advice will be for that person to be committed and focused on what his/her dreams are.  If I can do it, so can anyone, and perhaps, they may even do better than I. Nothing is difficult once the mind is willing to learn it, however, above all, one requires self-discipline and  the commitment to read and understand one’s area of expertise. There is no magic in obtaining one’s dream:  it only takes commitment and self-discipline.

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